Digital Risk Resources’ products come with integrated pre- and post-loss services and total claims management available from the global experts at CyberScout.


Risk Management and Loss Prevention educational resources that reveal best practices, potential areas of risk, and ensure clients are well-informed on how to avoid a breach incident

Fraud, Credit
and Reputation

Breach Protection Tools to assist with guarding against a data privacy loss incident with proactive measures that mitigate breach risks

A Website to access the latest compliance and privacy resource tools

Cyber Security
and Data Privacy

Breach Response Support that provides reliable access to top privacy and security experts to help defend against a privacy breach, or delivers guidance from our breach response team and services when an incident occurs

Breach Education,
Preparation, Response
and Remediation

Program Development and Implementation Support that ensures success with a program designed to meet your organization’s objectives, including in-person or webinar-based training

Cyber Bullying Services that proactively search social media for potential threats and notify parents

Global Service Coverage Map


Local country helpline and local language services are included for international policyholders.

Availability of services may differ from country to country. We can be operational in as little as 60 days in many key global markets.



Digital Risk Resources developed fun games that provide players with valuable information on how to protect their personally identifiable information (PII) at home, the office and school. To learn more about our games visit our game page.